Travel Safety & Awareness

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This workshop can be tailored to fit the business traveler as well as the personal traveler.

Going on a trip can be exhilarating.  When we are traveling, we’re often so engrossed in fun and being stress free, that we can be less situationally aware – and that’s when trouble can find any of us.  It's one thing not to pay attention in a familiar area, it's another when were in a completely unfamiliar, albeit exciting, environment.  When we travel, we have some tell tale signs that are difficult to hide.  Criminals can spot us many ways - from our suitcases, cameras, souvenirs, and how we retrieve our money.  Our expressions of admiration of the surrounding area, or bewilderment if we are lost, can also be dead giveaways.

Before you go, take steps to keep yourself safer by attending Dynamic Defensive Arts Travel Safety & Awareness Training.  This specialized workshop is a mix of education and practical application so you can be safe on vacation without sacrificing the fun!

Participants will be instructed in:

Situational Awareness Training

I.D. and Personal Document Protection

Anti-Pick-pocketing Strategies

Airport Safety

Hotel/Motel Safety

Travel Tips & Strategies

Defensive Tactics

...and more!

Minimum of 6 participants.