Realtor Safety Training

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Realtors have an important job to do in selling us our dream home.  Unfortunately crimes against realtors are growing, in part because they have to present a certain image of success (nice clothes, car, etc.) and more often than not, they are alone when showing properties.  Consequently, realtors can be selected as targets for attacks.  Simply search "realtor attacked" on the internet and you'll see for yourself.

Dynamic Defensive Arts is happy to present our Realtor Safety Training Workshop.

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of safety and awareness to any realtor conducting an Open House. 

First, we will educate realtors in positioning their car, to strategic positioning in a room, hallway, stairway, etc.  Next, we will educate participants in recognizing and interpreting suspicious body language and micro-expressions.  This will help a realtor to recognize a behavioral "red flag" and get themselves out of a potentially bad situation before it occurs.

If a physical attack occurs, we have several very successful defensive responses that utilize leverage and re-direction of force, allowing a person to deflect or break free of the attack in order to create space so that one may have more time to make the next best decision regarding their defense.

In addition, we will educate on a variety of additional safety topics such as how to nonchalantly use a flashlight in conducting an Open House as well as how to use it as a distraction and/or a defensive item if the need suddenly arises. See Flashlight Tactics.

Don't be caught off guard!