Flashlight Tactics

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Flashlights have always been a valuable tool for low light/no light situations - handling everything from late night car repair to camping out.  But only in recent years have flashlights really come into their own as a defensive tool for everyone.  The light from a hand held flashlight is much more powerful than ever before and can contain extremely small, but long lasting batteries compared to past years.

This workshop is designed to show the benefits of carrying a small flashlight for defensive purposes. In addition to training in situational awareness, students will be trained to use their flashlight effectively by using different patterns of light bursts to distract, defend, escape, and/or hide as necessary.

Secondly, students will learn how to use their flashlight as an improvised impact weapon if forced into a close contact situation. Students will learn to combine light bursts with physical self defense to create the desired effect.

Lastly, pros and cons of different flashlights will be discussed involving: brands, disposable batteries vs. rechargeable, durability, brightness, cost and weather resistance.