Stay safe in the woods on your bikeStay safe in the woods on your bike

Dynamic Biking

2020 Dynamic Biking event coming this spring/summer!

You must register to attend!  Email or call us to register!

What would you do if you were out for a ride and were suddenly pushed off of your bike?  Would you know how to fall without seriously hurting yourself?  Could you get back up and defend yourself?  Could you turn the tables on your attacker(s) and get back on your bike quickly enough to get away?  Could you defend yourself while pinned under your bike?

Dynamic Biking - Teens and Adults

Our Dynamic Biking events are designed for all cycling experience levels and will show participants how to protect themselves - individually and in groups - when out on their bicycles.


Rather, this is a self defense course designed to teach participants not only what to do if trouble should find them while biking, but how to think ahead to avoid potential dangers from occurring in the first place!

During a live bike tour, instructors will talk briefly about awareness and preventative strategies.  During the ride, instructors will stop the group occasionally to point out potential dangers and how to plan against them through critical thinking and tactical positioning.

The group will stop at the half way point for a self defense class that includes proper falling/rolling techniques should one be attacked and pushed off of one's bicycle.  In addition, participants will get training in practical personal defense techniques involving leverage and re-direction of force.

Lastly, participants will be briefed on the use of improvised weapons commonly found while biking as well as briefed on use of force guidelines.

What you need: 

Bicycle and bicycle helmet

What you should bring (up to you):

Sun screen, snack, bicycle gloves, bicycle tool kit, tire patch kit.