Active Assailant Response - Tier 1

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There are almost countless occurrences in modern times of what is now classified as "An Active Shooter Situation," and unfortunately these active assailant incidents are on the rise.

If you suddenly found yourself in an active shooter situation, would you know what to do? 

DDA's Active Assailant Response (Tier 1) is a two hour interactive workshop that will educate you in situational awareness and how to recognize some of the early warning signs of a would-be active shooter incident.  Participants will also be instructed in calling 911 and conveying your message quickly - despite the stressful circumstance - in addition to using other emergency resources.

Participants will then be physically trained in the advantages and disadvantages in seeking an avenue of escape, using cover and concealment, how to select a good hiding place (if escape is not possible) as well as how to position themselves in a room to better prepare for the shooter entering the room.

Lastly, participants will be given practical and reality based defensive tactics and training in the use of Improvised Defensive Tools (Improvised Weapons) should they be forced to engage the shooter/assailant.

$59.95 per participant.  Cost includes presentation, hands-on training, Q&A and Dynamic Defensive Arts coffee mug.


Active Assailant Response - Tier 2

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This is a three (3) hour course designed for participants who have completed Active Assailant Response - Tier 1.  The focus on this course is active shooter response training for concealed carry persons.  Participants will be educated and trained on using Tier 1 training combined with firearms use including: close quarters firearms drills, verbal commands, dealing with malfunctions, tactical positioning, improvised first aid, situation aftermath and more.  

Lastly, participants will be trained in the basics of DDA's own Grapple Shooting - a practical combination of hand-to-hand defensive tactics and defensive shooting skills.

$69.95 per participant.  Cost includes presentation, hands-on training, Q&A and Dynamic Defensive Arts ball cap.