Dynamic Seminars and Workshops

Our self-defense/safety workshops are generally 2 hours (depending on the workshop) to give participants a good understanding of their specific workshop topic(s).  Workshop times and content are fully customizable to your audience.

Our workshops begin with classroom instruction and an interactive presentation and discussion. (approx. 30 minutes.)

The remaining training time will be hands on training where the participants learn different physical self-defense techniques - usually with a partner.  These movements will be taught in stages to allow for simplicity on learning and repetitive movements for developing reaction.  Depending on the selected workshop, participants can learn several other skills - including the use of improvised defensive tools (keys, pen, cell phone, flashlight, etc.) to assist one's defense.

We have had great success in customizing a technique to fit the individual.  In other words, if a participant cannot make a certain movement for whatever reason, we will tailor it to the movements that they can make.

The last few minutes we will talk about some of the various unique training at Dynamic Defensive Arts and open the floor to any remaining questions.

Email or call us for pricing details based on specific needs.  50% deposit required when booking a group workshop.

Minimum of 6 participants required for a group workshop.