David Bernstein

David Bernstein, or “Mr. B” as his students refer to him, is a third-degree black belt in tae kwon do. Mr. B began his martial arts training in the fall of 1989 at the age of six. During his training, Mr. B participated in demonstrations at the Mall of America and various schools around the Twin Cities. He also competed in many tournaments around the Midwest in open hand forms, weapons, musical forms, and sparring divisions. After dedicating lots of time and hard work to achieving his goal, Mr. B earned his first-degree black belt on September 10, 1994 at the age of eleven. Mr. B was a junior instructor throughout junior high and high school, with students ranging in age from four to over sixty years old. Many students that began their training under Mr. B’s instruction eventually achieved the master rank of black belt.

Mr. B founded 3D Tae Kwon Do in January 2007. He bases the program on the Tae Kwon Do skills required to achieve the master rank of black belt, but also emphasizes the personal characteristics of a black belt in his students’ training. Accordingly, each strike must incorporate maximum speed and power, and Mr. B expects his students to demonstrate the Discipline, Determination, and Defensecharacteristics and skills of a black belt throughout their training. Mr. B teaches not only how to perform the techniques, but also the purpose for each movement and skill; he believes students should understand not only what they are doing, but more importantly why they are doing it. Mr. B expects that students demonstrate these skills both inside and outside of the classroom.

Aside from his passion for the martial arts, Mr. B is a licensed attorney in Minnesota. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan with a major in political science and a minor in moral and political philosphy. He then earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the Hamline University School of Law. In his spare time, Mr. B is a big sports fan and roots for the Michigan Wolverines (Go Blue!) as well as the Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves, and Wild. He volunteers on a weekly basis for the Everybody Wins Reading program, acting as a mentor for second graders at an elementary school in North Minneapolis. He also volunteers seasonally as a college mock trial judge. Most importantly, Mr. B enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

The martial arts greatly influenced who Mr. B has become. They shaped his character and helped him build confidence and self-esteem at a very young age. Mr. B has met wonderful people and made lifelong friends throughout his training and instruction. Mr. B became an instructor and continues to teach children and adults so that he can give back to the sport he enjoys so much. He strives to advance the principles of Tae Kwon Do that made such an impact on his life, as he hopes it will with others.