Street Defense Testimonials

The programs offered by his Street Defense Program are methodically well organized; smoothly delivered; easy to learn; and, most importantly, effective.

"Jack Pettengill is a consummate professional and a gifted self-defense instructor. In a world of combat theorists and armchair martial artists, Jack is a teacher with hard-won, real-world self-defense experience. Jack’s expertise has been honed by years of dedicated study in a field for which he is greatly passionate. The programs offered by his Street Defense Program are methodically well organized; smoothly delivered; easy to learn; and, most importantly, effective." ~Nathan Foster, Director of Operations for the Crossroads Training Academy

Dynamic Defensive Arts will exceed your expectations within the first class.

"The Street Defense Program will exceed your expectations within the first class. I was always under the impression that self-defense would be a crash course in "hit and run away screaming," but this is so much more than that. After the 2 week trial period, I feel so much more confident and powerful. I hold in my arsenal the ability to protect myself, which while I hope I never need it, makes me feel much more relaxed while I spend 3 months traveling abroad. The Street Defense Program will blow your mind with what you learn you are able to do!" ~Hattie Ruckheim, Street Defense client

I recommend anyone no matter their age or ability!

"I have been training here almost one year. I have honestly loved every class because of the instructors ability to both encourage and challenge me.I have gained awareness of real life situations and how to protect myself from almost any attack. I recommend anyone no matter their age or ability to contact Jack to experience for yourself how much fun this is. ~Brittaney Kostka, Street Defense client

Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

"By far the best self defense training available in my opinion. No hi-ya's or flying spinning karate kid stuff just practical real life defense tactics and knowledge. I would recommend anyone no matter their skill level, age, man or woman check Dynamic Defensive Arts out. Nothing to lose and everything to gain so why not give it a look, I'm sure glad I did!!! ~Jeff Greene, Street Defense client

The Women's Self Defense Class is well worth anybody's time!

"Jack was a wonderful instructor! The Women's Self Defense Class is well worth anybody's time! I feel much safer and confident that I would know what to do in the case of an attack after taking this fun and informative seminar." ~Katie Talamantes, Street Defense client

The best classes I believe anyone could possibly take!

"This are the best classes that I believe anyone could possibly take. It gives you everyday knowledge to make sure yourself and your family are always safe. It can be adjusted to any person. I had a few of my classes with a person who was using a cane for walking. Jack tailored the training specific to her using the cane for self defense. I suggest DDA to everyone, ages 8 to 80. They can teach every person how to react so they can keep themself and their families safe." ~Phillip Morin, Street Defense client

The Street Defense Training is beneficial for anyone interested in the Martial Arts and practical self-defense techniques and principles.

"The Street Defense Program teaches its students self-defense that is not simply for glitz and glamour or for sport, but it teaches self-defense techniques and principles that have practical application to potential situations encountered "on the street." One of the many reasons I enjoyed this class was the explanations of mental principles (fight or flight, tunnel vision, pain compliance, etc.) associated with self-defense that allows for a deeper understanding of why, when, and how your body reacts, and how it can be trained to react to confrontation. Also, in contrast to other strict self-defense classes I have taken in the past, Jack Pettengill has introduced an informal, move at your own pace, and fun environment which I appreciate." ~Ryan Edwards, Street Defense client

This Truly is Martial Arts for the Street.

"I have been a student of various martial arts schools over the past 15 years and nothing comes close to the caliber of training, realism, and effectiveness found at Dynamic Defense Arts. This truly is martial arts for the street and provides students a comprehensive "toolkit" for threat awareness, escalation of force, and plain common sense when dealing with unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous, encounters.

Probably a unique aspect of the Street Defense training program is a focus on appropriate response levels to a threat whether through leverage and/or redirection, joint locks, submission holds, or more lethal means. This program has inspired me a high level of self-confidence that, if I can't first verbally defuse a situation, I have the necessary training and expertise to react accordingly and escalate to the appropriate level.

Jack's emphasis on pressure/counter-pressure drills and the ability to quickly react to an opponent's movement by the sense of touch is a skill often glossed over, or outright ignored, in many programs. What at first glance appeared to me as a trivial exercise improving coordination skills, Jack has shown time and time again how this seemingly "simple" drill can pay huge dividends in properly reacting to an attacker and gaining the upper hand in an encounter." ~Jeff Johnson, Street Defense client

My training has enhanced my confidence and effectiveness.

"As a Probation Officer, I encounter a variety of potentially dangerous or volatile situations on a daily basis. I have practically applied the Street Defense Program concepts and training personally, in the real world. Time and time again, I am rewarded with success. From basic threat assessment to de-escalation, my training has enhanced my confidence and effectiveness. Most importantly, however, I have relied on my training to help me go home safe every night to my family. There is no substitute for that or the Street Defense training." ~Mike Maas, Street Defense client