stairwell attack demo at Brooklyn Park Schoolstairwell attack demo at Brooklyn Park School

Street Defense

Anyone can be properly trained to effectively defend themselves and increase their chances against weapons and multiple attackers. Dynamic Defensive Arts strongly focuses on using physical defense as a LAST resort.

Through the course, clients will learn how to recognize signs of aggressive behavior through interpretation of facial micro-expressions and body language. This will develop stronger “gut feelings” allowing the client to distance oneself from trouble before it occurs. We believe true survival is trusting skill over luck.

Learning a practical self defense not only protects you, but your family and friends for generations to come. Even if YOU never get attacked, you can pass on this necessary knowledge to others (children / friends) to prepare them for that ONE time they may need it!

We want to empower our clients so that they feel less concerned and more prepared!

In today’s world, violence is commonplace. When faced with these situations, it is sometimes necessary to use force to defend yourself or the ones you love. Dynamic Defensive Arts is a school that teaches you how to see a threat before it starts and how to defend yourself so that you can get away.

A lot of times when a life threatening attack arises, the victims are often untrained and react improperly (if at all) resulting in their own injury and/or death. Others put their lives in the attacker’s hands on the assumption that the attacker will keep his “promise” not to hurt them if they cooperate.

An easy solution is not only to seek proper training to react to attacks, but to be trained to recognize warning cues to allow you to get out of dangerous situations before they happen. Street Defense can provide you with the tools we hope you’ll never have to use.

All of the physical techniques taught at Dynamic Defensive Arts are based on leverage and re-direction of force – NOT size or strength.