Storm Damage Restoration by Streamline Inspections GroupStorm Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Insurance Claim Inspections

Streamline Inspections Group specializes in hail and storm inspections. Hail forms in a variety of sizes and can cause damage to all exterior components of your home. Hail damage requires a close inspection to identify if the hail stones cause enough significant damage. Our professionally trained consultants know what to look for and can let you know if your home has enough damage to call your insurance company.

If the damage on your home is significant enough, your insurance company should be contacted and you will need to file a claim. Streamline Inspections Group maintains great working relationships with both insurance companies and the adjusters. As your contractor, we strongly recommend to our clients that you have us involved in all discussions with your adjuster. We work on our client’s behalf to ensure you receive a fair claim valuation.

Storm Damage Restoration Services:

Claim Process

The Claim process can be overwhelming for homeowners, but we like to break down the process into 7 easy steps:

  1. Perform complete inspection of the home and discuss details with homeowner
  2. Put together estimates for the insurance company
  3. Meet with the insurance adjuster
  4. Agree on scope and pricing
  5. Order materials with the homeowner
  6. Project build
  7. Final Walk Through

Contact Information for Filing an Insurance Claim

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