S.C.R.A.M. (Security Control Retreat And Motion) Tier 1

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Specialized training invented right here at Dynamic Defensive Arts, S.C.R.A.M is a two (2) hour workshop designed to teach participants how to use leverage and re-direction of force to turn an innocent person exactly in the direction your want them to go exactly when you need it to happen.

S.C.R.A.M. participants learn how to effectively “run” (ie - scram) a person in the direction of safety while acting as a human shield for that person.

S.C.R.A.M. maneuvers can help to quickly create space away from various violent situations such as:

  • Active shooter or other firearms related incidents
  • Weapon attacks
  • Multiple attacker situations, etc.
  • Other

Participants will:

  • Learn verbal commands under stress.
  • Learn how to increase critical thinking skills.
  • Learn practical and effective techniques regarding the safety of a person (or persons) you are with and how to quickly get them moving toward a safe area of your choosing.

This training is extremely popular with clients of Dynamic Defensive Arts and they all believe that this training should be taught not only to parents, but also teachers, siblings, babysitters/nannies as well as law enforcement, security and other emergency responders.

$49.95 per participant.  Cost includes presentation, hands-on training, Q&A and giveaway item.