Springtime Defenses--Bring on the Rain!


by: Dynamic Defensive Arts

Umbrella Season has arrived

Spring is here! Now that we are in April, I thought it might be a good time to discuss preparation for spring weather. After all, "April showers bring May flowers," so we need to prepare for wet weather. This is relevant for defensive tactics training because, as you know, our Improvised Defensive Tools (IDTs) are not designed to be objects of defense, but rather, they double as objects of defense.

I suggest that now is the time to get out your umbrellas. Travel umbrellas are small enough that they can fit into the door pockets of vehicles and into a purse or backpack. You'll be glad to have it for two reasons: (1) It will help keep you dry, and (2) it may help keep you alive!

All of my students know that a travel umbrella is light enough to wield - i.e. it can be swung rapidly - and is dense enough to cause damage to your attacker(s). An umbrella requires no special permit or license to have and can be taken almost anywhere - including your workplace - without fear of violating a policy.

For those of you who are not yet students of Dynamic Defensive Arts, I caution you that this does require some specialized training to become proficient, and you must understand the legalities of using an object to defend one's self (or others) even if you know you are in the right!

So get those umbrellas out and put them in an area that you have easy access to. I hope you won't need it for anything other than a shield for the rain.

Good luck, and stay dry!

This is Jack from Dynamic Defensive Arts reminding you... "We don't do helpless!"