Our Facility

As soon as you walk in to our lobby you will understand that Dynamic Defensive Arts is a professional training facility - and not a "gym."  

We have almost 3000 square feet of space that was built out to our wants and needs to help us provide a great training experience for you.

Our space gets used several ways in conducting training.  We not only conduct classes in two large self-defense rooms, but we use aspects of the rooms such as corners and doorways to make training more realistic. Each training rooms is approximately 30' x 30 ' and they are divided by a wall that can be retracted for larger workshops and events!

Training Room 1 contains a model of a full sized ATM on site (no money!) for ATM, DVD rental and gas station "pay at the pump" defenses.  In addition, this room also contains a table and chair for seated defenses, mats for ground defenses, and a multitude of training aids and tools to maximize your practical and reality based instruction here at Dynamic Defensive Arts! 

Training Room 2 is carpeted and is used to simulate office and/or other indoor environments.

Both rooms have all of the equipment necessary to give participants a positive, real world training experience.

Sign Up today for 3 classes for just $29.95!  No commitment!  No obligation to join!