Scott Grau

Scott Grau comes to Dynamic Defensive Arts with a unique background. He grew up on his family's livestock and grain farm in western Iowa. This experience helped him develop his work ethic and laid the groundwork for his attention to detail.

Scott graduated from Concordia College Nebraska (now Concordia University – Nebraska) with a BA in Mathematics. While attending Concordia, he was a three year starter playing both offensive tackle positions. Playing football gave him a unique perspective on concepts like push/pull, leverage and the essential value of good footwork. Scott continued his formal education by earning a MS in Biometry from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Mr. Grau works full-time for a media company doing marketing research. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University –St. Paul. He teaches Introduction to Probability & Statistics for the Mathematics department since the fall of 2002. This practical experience of teaching a very technical topic to beginners gives Scott a natural skill in being a Dynamic Defensive Arts Instructor.

In 2006 Scott took on another part-time job as door security at bar/grills owned by a friend in Northeast Minneapolis. This job has helped to hone Scott's skills in recognizing a person's demeanor through their non-verbal communications (a subject highly regarded in the Street Defense Program!) In addition, this position has also has taught Scott how to assess a situation quickly and heightened his ability to verbally de-escalate a situation without the use of force.

In January 2008, Scott heard about the Street Defense Program through his strength training partners. Scott had pre-conceived notions about so called "self defense" classes and declined to go. After some prodding from his friends, he finally agreed, but went with the mental impression that the evening would consist of a Stranger Danger lecture and some basic kicking. Scott learned almost immediately that his thoughts couldn't have been further from the truth. After only one class, Scott was hooked!

Scott became a class regular and after a time, expressed interest in becoming an instructor. Scott's position as an instructor in the Street Defense program is a valued one and his positive demeanor and teaching style is something that all of his students notice and try to copy. Scott earned his first degree black belt in June 2012, and continues to train and hone his skills.