Multiple Attacker TrainingMultiple Attacker Training
Surprise attack around a corner - defense with backpack.Surprise attack around a corner - defense with backpack.

About Us

Our mission at Dynamic Defensive Arts is to inspire and empower people by teaching the most practical and effective self defense actions so that one may have more time to make the best available decisions regarding the safety of one's self and others.

Dynamic Defensive Arts is not a Twin Cites club, a Brooklyn Park studio, or an exercise hangout. It is a professional full time street defense school with professional instruction. The programs at Dynamic Defensive Arts have been researched and developed over a period of many years. The instructors at DDA are true professionals - providing high quality technical training in a positively re-enforced environment.

In addition, our instructors are service oriented and get to know you as individuals in order to tailor training to your specific needs. Instructors of the programs at Dynamic Defensive Arts are tirelessly designing new ways to challenge you – both physically and mentally.

EVERY person that contacts us can get 3 classes for just $29.95 without needing to make any kind of commitment. Afterwards if – or should we say when – you decide to select a program, we will sit down with you one on one to discuss, suggest, and listen – to make sure we address everything you think you want out of your program.  Clients can begin training at 13 years.

Even though our instructors work as one unit at Dynamic Defensive Arts, each one brings multiple areas of personal expertise and points of view into the unique programs offered here.

Clients will learn to recognize aggressive body language and micro expressions to help them get out of a situation before it occurs. Adults are educated in:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Observational Skills
  • Recognition of Aggressive Body Language
  • Recognition of Micro-expressions
  • Describing a person
  • Describing a vehicle
  • Talking to 911
  • Use of Force
  • Emergency Navigation
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Tactical Positioning
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Basic Physiology
  • Combating stress/fear
  • ...and more!

Clients are trained in:

  • Creating space (Reactionary Gap) (Space = more time to make the next best decision regarding one's defense)
  • Escape Tactics
  • Striking
  • Joint Manipulations
  • Ground Defense
  • Multiple Attacker Scenarios
  • ATM Defense
  • Weapon Disarm Tactics
  • Handgun Retention Tactics
  • Defense while wearing bags/backpacks, etc.
  • Rescue and Evacuation (Others in your group who are untrained)
  • Stairwell Defense
  • Improvised Weapons (Improvised Defense Tools) (Keys, pen, cell phone, flashlight, other)
  • Impaired Limb Defense
  • Improvised First Aid
  • ...and more!

Our tagline at Dynamic Defensive Arts is "We don't do helpless!"