October 28th, 2017!  Register today!

Super Hero Academy

Every child at some point has dressed up and played "Superhero," limited only by their own imagination. Now with Superhero Academy at Dynamic Defensive Arts, your child can get a real experience as a real life superhero.

Superhero Academy is a great way for your child to build self confidence while at the same time, allowing them (and you) to have a lot of fun!

Not only can your child dress up as their favorite crime fighter, but our academy will teach them self defense tactics that they can use in the real world to keep themselves safe against bullies and/or strangers. In addition, they will learn how to be assertive, to make eye contact, and to use their voice (among other skills) to help give them confidence in every day life.

Lastly, your child will take part in a "situation" where they can use their new found skills, defeat a real super villain and save the city!

Our academy ends with a photo session and a certificate proving their graduation as a Superhero!

$25.00 per participant.

Email or call us to register!


  1. Participants must have a costume.
  2. Costumes may be commercial purchases, home made, or any combination.
  3. Costumes must be child friendly and must not be obstructive, offensive, inappropriate or violent.  Children wearing costumes deemed inappropriate will not be allowed to participate.
  4. Create or purchase costumes that are safe.  Avoid items that may present a safety hazard.  Example:  a costume, cape, or accessory that drags on the ground may present a trip and fall hazard.
  5. Costumes must not contain makeup, grease paint, or other materials that may cause eye hazards or cause damage to clothing and/or Dynamic Defensive Arts property.
  6. Costume accessories must be of safe design and must not contain sharp objects, pointed objects, or projectiles that may strike another person.
  7. Masks or helmets must not obstruct vision to an unsafe degree.
  8. Costumes can not contain any real weapons (or items converted to makeshift weapons)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!