Street Defense Youth Program

Our youth program prepares your child to deal with both strangers and bullies. Our system uses a basic 3 tier system:

  1. Education
    Of course, your child will be educated in the art of self-defense. In addition, they will be taught when to use it as well as when NOT to. This is accomplished not only through interactive classroom discussion but also through handouts, pictures, video, and live scenarios. All of the criteria for this program is available in handouts (technique lists, vocabulary words, etc.) so you as well as your child will know exactly where they stand in our system at any given point.

  2. Physical Training
    Repetition, repetition, repetition. Our instructors know multiple ways to train your child to keep the program both informative as well as exciting. Teaching in this way keeps your child focused on new things as they develop, but still allows the necessary repetition in training to give them the instant reactions they will need to defend themselves against a sucker punch or other surprise attack. Each new belt level has approximately 10 new physical techniques for your child to learn and apply in addition to new vocabulary.

  3. Scenarios and Testing
    Through "lightning round" questioning of the material, your child will learn to visualize information quickly and communicate a response. Occasional physical scenarios help both you and your child understand what areas have progressed and what still may need improvement.

Street Defense Youth is ALWAYS taught in a positively reinforced, confidence building environment!