I am DynamicI am dynamic
The AttackThe Attack
I am trainedI am trained
I am confidentI am confident
I am dynamic
I am young, I am prepared
I am Dynamic
I am StrongI am strong
I am powerfulI am pwerful

Street Defense and Tae Kwon Do at Dynamic Defensive Arts

Whether you are looking to build confidence in a shy or bullied child, get educated in self defense or you just want to have an exciting exercise experience, Dynamic Defensive Arts school, located in Brooklyn Park and serving all of the Twin Cities, has a training class for you. We are membership based which means you can take as many classes as you want - all for one low price. Check out or Street Defense and Tae Kwon Do classes and try 2 WEEKS FREE today!

Street Defense

Physical techniques taught at Encounter Awareness and Defense (EAD) are based on leverage and redirection of force - NOT size or strength. We empower our students so they feel less concerned and more prepared!


Tae Kwon Do

Confidence. Self-Esteem. Sportsmanship. Awareness. Flexibility. Coordination. Focus. Maturity. 3D Tae Kwon Do combines practical knowledge of self defense skills with the discipline and determination.


Upcoming Events

Join us for our fun upcoming events! We would love to see you there!

  • Superhero Academy 2017



"The Street Defense programs are methodically well organized; smoothly delivered; easy to learn; and, most importantly, effective."

~Nathan Foster, Director of Operations for the Crossroads Training Academy

"Mr. B teaches kids that the concepts of determination and discipline are not only important in Tae Kwon Do, but also at home and at school."

~Dan, Father of 3DTKD student Noah

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Location of Training Facility

  • 7600 Boone Ave N #5, Minneapolis, MN 55428
  1. 763-898-3029